Check out our new video!!! Laughing Boy feat. Kenkodie ‘I Am The Radio’

‘Love Like Sunshine’ goes up 24 places to No 4 in the MusicWeek COMMERCIAL POP CLUB CHART!

LB in Music Week No 4 21.7.14

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Hi everyone. It’s been a busy few weeks in Laughing Boy’s world.
‘Love Like Sunshine’ has been playlisted on various radio stations including My959FM in Hawaii !!, Black Diamond FM and Jemm One Radio in the UK and Artist controlled Radio on the net.
The mixes EP of ‘Love Like Sunshine’ is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, 7digital etc so get downloading! There’s been amazing reaction to these mixes from all the club DJs who are playing them out!
We’ve also been working on a video of our new song ‘I Am The Radio’ – so stay tuned for that on YouTube. Plus keep your eyes peeled for the new ‘Love Like Sunshine’ video too.
Lots of love from Laughing Boy and his gang! xx
Black Diamond

Our first play list!

Big thanks to Jemm One for play listing us!

Playlist jemm one

Look out for our first single!

Laughing Boy Sunshine


Take a reluctant superstar, an ear worm of a serious feel good track, links to major labels and throw in some über cool production talent into the mix and you’ve got all the ingredients of this summer’s biggest kick ass hit!


“Love Like Sunshine” by Laughing Boy contains a cheekily little refrain that makes you immediately think of Jessie J and is predicted by those in the know, to become one of the most played songs this summer, good job the weather is starting to turn!


The team behind the track are not revealing who Laughing Boy himself is and the identity of this shy superstar will remain a closely guarded secret for now, as anonymity will ensure this and his other music work are kept separate.


A spokesperson for the project said, “We work with artists all the time and most have their own whims and eccentricities. In wanting to be private, Laughing Boy is no different and the team all respect that. It doesn’t matter to us who he is, we’re just interested in making great music and creating a product that people will love. The fact that the public wont know his identity at this stage is irrelevant.”


Once people hear the track – all that will matter to them is getting hold of a copy as fast as possible!”